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We recently installed the Ninja Obstacle Course in Malaysia

Datatime: 3/21/2018 2:22:00 PM   Visit: 1767

The ninja obstacle course is made of red and black color which also shows the enthusiasm and kindness of the Malaysian people.

The total area of ninja course is about 200 square meters. It includes many funny and exciting game accessories, like floating door, salmon ladder, cargo tube net, balance log and bar hops. The most exciting and challenging game in ninja course is warped wall. It requires a strong sprint ability and arm strength for people to reach the top of walls.

Ninja course is suitable for both teenagers and adults. It is designed as a fun and challenging entertainment event with a combination of running, jumping, climbing and balancing tests.

If you have no places to go and want something exciting to do on weekends, go have fun with your friends in ninja course!