High Quality

Topkidsplay is top for quality. Quality means doing it right--Right equipment in right place. Moreover, Safety should be the top priority in any business. High end playground equipment quality that meets all international safety standards is very important to make the business success.

Topkidsplay equipment is built from high quality materials and component specifications so that it meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards . Careful details mean a better play experience and long lifetime. We use the third party testing labs approved by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission to provide different testings.

1. Quality difference in indoor playground

Most indoor playground equipments although look very similar can be cheap quality among different manufacturers. Topkidsplay use the highest standard materials and follow a strict manufacturing process. Topkidsplay only sell safe, durable and well-designed indoor playgrounds.

(1) Steel pipes

Not all steel pipes are strong. Topkidsplay use thickness from 2.0mm-3.25mm for the steel pipes. Topkidsplay can write the specifications in the sales contract and can be verified by our customers when they check our equipment.

Topkidsplay steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized where the whole pipe is soaked in a bath of molten zinc so the pipes are protected from rusty. In comparison, some companies use a cheaper process such as “electroplated coatings”, such steel is not real galvanized steel, those pipes are easily to be rusted.

(2) Clamps

Topkidsplay make own mould for clamps. They are made of galvanized steel with powder-coating to prevent from rusting. You can test the quality of the clamps with a heavy hammer. You will find the differences between Topkidsplay and low quality clamps.

(3) Platform

Topkidsplay platforms made by wood with thickness 20mm,covered by 50mm foam which complied with GB 6675-2003 standard. In comparison, the platforms of some other manufacturers might be only around 30mm.

Topkidsplay platforms are completely wrapped in EPE foam and sponge covered with the PVC tarpaulin. So the platforms are soft and safe enough.

(4)  PVC tarpaulin

Topkidsplay PVC tarpaulin is high density PVC, thickness-0.45-0.95mm, strengthened by 1000D nylon weaving inside the coating. Topkidsplay PVC tarpaulin is Flame Retardant to comply with ASTM standards.

With various colors to choose, we can customize your playground equipments.

(5) Protection nets

Not all the protection nets are the same! Topkidsplay protection nets are tightly knitted and certified to be used in even for outdoor sports . Topkidsplay protection nets are more durable and thicker than the other suppliers.

(6) Foam noodles

Not all foam noddles are durable and fire resistance. The foam noddles with high density EPE material with glossy bright PVC vinyl. The PVC vinyl is UV-resistant even in sunlight to be durable and stronger. Topkidsplay has foam noddles in fire resistance to match ASTM standards.

2. Quality of Topkidsplay trampoline park

(1) Galvanized steel frames with powder coating

We do not just match the best manufacturing standards in the world – we exceed it. Topkidsplay trampoline frames are made from 80mm x 80mm tubes with 4mm thickness. With Dutch Akzo powder in sand blasting technology, the colors are more durable, more adhesive force and safer to play. Topkidsplay have powder coating machines for various colors to choose.

(2) Springs

The essence of a Trampoline Park is the quality of the bounce. Not only do the springs have to be made from the best quality steel but also they must be the right length to match the trampoline park. Topkidsplay springs are made of piano wire. Non-deformability and tensile elongation is 5 times better than manganese steel.

(3) Trampoline pads

Topkidsplay adopt soft pads made of 0.45mm-0.55mm thickness PVC skin with 120N.M tension horizontally,vertically and eco-friendly EPE . Thickness is 70 mm. The pads are cut trapezoidally to ensure safety for users.

(4) Jumpinig mat

The trampoline mats also make a difference to the quality of the bounce. We offer both the economically-priced black tarp mats and the woven string mats as used by the professionals. Topkidsplay jumping mat is imported from USA. It comply with ASTM standard.

To know more about quality, you can click projects we did before!

Topkidsplay is a member of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). Topkidsplay is confident that we can bring your best value in your indoor playground.

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