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Dubai World Cup

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Founded in 1996, the Dubai World Cup is the most expensive competition in the world, surpassing F1 and the Global Sailing Competition. Because of the one-day schedule, the organizers will award more than $20 million to the winners. And at the same time, the organizers did not use more business skills to win economic returns in real interest. The entire tournament bonus reached nearly $8 million. Since then, the bonus has also increased as the level of the game has increased. In 2009, the tournament was the 14th and the total prize money has climbed to $21.25 million.

In the competition, Dubai will bear the cost of accommodation after each entrant arrives in Dubai. This includes horses, trainers and jockeys – all of whom can stay in the seven-star “Dubai Sailing Hotel” for a week (the hotel also has a dedicated race room). There are 7 competitions in the Dubai Jockey World Cup, all of which are medium distance speed races.

On March 30, 2019, the Dubai World Cup will be held at the Maidan Racecourse. This year's total prize money for the horse race will rise from the original 30 million US dollars to 35 million US dollars. Among them, the Dubai World Cup, the focus of the competition, will increase the total prize money to 12 million US dollars (equivalent to about 8324 yuan). 10,000 yuan), the champion prize of up to 7.2 million US dollars (equivalent to about 48.67 million yuan), no doubt become the highest prize in the global thoroughbred horse speed race.

And this year the chieftain’s horse won the first place.

But the threshold for entry is high. First of all, the horses participating in the Dubai World Cup should not be worth less than $800,000. In addition, the qualifications for the selection of horses are from the royal family of the Arab countries, the chiefs and the European royal families and nobles. However, because the cost of this competition is too high, these royal members do not come to participate every year. In general, each entrant will participate in two of the seven competitions, so that the entrants must spend at least $2 million to purchase two horses at least. Counting the cost of air horses and trainers, dietitians, etc., each horse must spend at least $100,000.

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