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Happy Mothers Day

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Mother's Day is coming, do you buy any gifts for your mother? Flowers? Shoes? Or is it a beautiful bag?
Do you know what the origin of Mother's Day is? Mother's Day dates are different in different countries. Today we talk about American Mother's Day.
The earliest known Mother's Day originated in ancient Greece. On this day, the ancient Greeks paid tribute to Hera, the mother of the Greek gods. Later in the mid-17th century, the festival spread to the UK. On this day, young people who go out will return home and give their mother some small gifts.

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Mother's Day in the United States was initiated by Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), who was never married and stayed with her mother. Anna Jarvis’s mother was kind and compassionate. She proposed that a memorial day should be set up to commemorate the mothers who made obscurity, but this wish has not yet been fulfilled and she has passed away. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, began her activities in 1907 to apply for Mother's Day as a statutory holiday. The festival officially began on May 10, 1908 in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In 1913, the US Congress decided to use the second Sunday of May each year as the statutory Mother's Day, and stipulated that every day every household should fly the national flag to express respect for the mother. The favorite carnation of Anna Jarvis's mother during her lifetime became a symbol of American Mother's Day.
Topskidsplay wishes all mothers happy Mother's Day!

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