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Large indoor trampoline park product introduction

Datatime: 7/4/2019 2:58:00 PM   Visit: 139

The large indoor trampoline park is a super combination of trampoline, bungee trampoline, ninja routine rainbow climbing net, volcanic climbing, EPP building blocks. Among them is the most attractive new game - projecting a camera in the sand pool, children playing here is like building a sand castle on the beach. Trampolines help children under the age of 5 to enjoy a high degree of happiness, but to ensure safety, we recommend that minors under the age of 12 should be accompanied by their parents.

Large indoor trampoline park product introduction

Product specifications

  • Product model: ZST031
  • Materials, sizes and colors can be customized.
  • Installation: professional CAD instructions, assembly procedures and engineering cases
  • Suitable age: 3-50 years old
  • Number of people accommodated: 1300-1500 people
  • Advantages: All elements have anti-cracking, anti-fading, anti-toxic, anti-ultraviolet properties.
  • Applicable places: amusement parks, kingergarten, schools, residential areas, etc.