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Topkidsplay is doing something

Datatime: 4/15/2019 4:59:00 PM   Visit: 312

In the past 50 years, China made great progress in economics, technology, or international influence, which has been seen by the world. China has become an indispensable power on the international stage. And products ‘made in China’can be seen almost everywhere.

Today, we take Huawei as an example to talk about ‘made in China’ products. Once a customer asked me what the meaning  Huawei is. I answered that Hua means China, Wei means to do some difference...

Yes, HUAWEI is doing something different, Huawei's mobile phones use their self-developed CPU, and their camera function is leading in the mobile phones. Now, more and more people are comparing Huawei with Apple and Samsung. We dare not say that HUAWEI is better than them. At least we have started to compare with the best companies in the world. This is indeed a remarkable achievement. In addition, Huawei's 5G communication is also leading the world.

Although all the world are using made in China, the impression made in China is cheap and inferior. We are aware of this and have begun to take off this hat to create a nicer image.

TOPKIDSPLAY, as a manufacturer of indoor entertainment and amusement parks, has focused on safety standards and quality since its inception. We also believe that the attractions produced by Dreamland can be compared with internationally renowned manufacturers in near future. And we hope more and more people can jump and gain skills and power in our trampoline park and ninja warrior course, kids can adventure in our soft playground safely.

TOPKIDSPLAY is doing something.