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What are the materials used to build naughty castles

Datatime: 6/3/2019 2:59:00 PM   Visit: 111

Wood material:

Advantages: It is natural and non-toxic, and the price is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: The wood material needs some anti-corrosion and moisture-proof treatment, and its solidity is not strong. For some , the risk of wood material is higher.

FRP material:

Advantages: FRP material is sturdy and durable, the surface can be smoothed and the shape is varied, suitable for different types of amusement equipment.

Disadvantages: The hard texture is easy to cause damage to children, and there is a potential danger at the interface.

Rubber material:

Advantages: strong plasticity, rich colors,

Disadvantages: The corners are not very hard, but the rubber is easy to degumming and fading, it is not easy to recycle, and the life is shorter.

What are the materials used to build naughty castles